$RAC Token

$RAC is a community-driven token that serves as both a governance tool and a versatile asset utilized across all of our products.

Racoon NFTs

• The Racoon NFTs series owns Racoon.bet gaming platform via the Racoon NFT DAO.

• This collection minted out on March 21 2022 [1,333 NFTs] and is renowned for its unique style.

• 278 different styles were generated by our in-house deep learning model leveraging GANs.


Racoon.bet is a multi-chain gaming platform.

You can play various games including : dice, slot, lottery, NFT Play-to-Earn games and more!

You earn rewards every time you play on our platform by receiving Racoon.bet's native currency, $GRAC.

Custom dApps and smart contracts development

Racoon Supply specializes in creating personalized and user-friendly products, including automation, smart contracts, web3 dApps, and mobile apps. If you would like us to help you with your products, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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